What You Don’t Know About Spanish Wedding Cakes?

Unlike the western tiered wedding cake, Spanish wedding cakes resemble a flan – a flat tart like cake. The cake is typically filled with nuts and fruits, and occasionally custard. According to Spanish customs the groom and bride feed each other first before the cake it served to the guests.

Wedding cakes are a focal point of Spanish weddings. It is regarded as a sign of good luck for the marrying couple and adds a personality to the wedding. The couple can customize the cake to the way they wish.

History of Spanish Wedding Cakes

Celebration of marriage and weddings in Spain has deep rooted traditions. In Spanish culture it is a tradition to serve foods that are rich in sugar and heavy ingredients on special occasions such as weddings. Many historians believe that this tradition was adopted from the Moorish traditions that spread through out the Europe and eventually got to America.

Traditional Spanish Wedding Cake

Although there are many desserts offered at a traditional Spanish wedding but cake has always been a focal point. The cake is mostly single layered filled with coconuts, almonds, cried pineapples and pecans. It is soaked in rum and decorated with frosting that is shaped like religious symbols. Traditional Spanish wedding cakes are nor tall neither white. Over the years many other cakes have also become a part of Spanish wedding, like tres leches cake and chocolate-chilli proud cake. They also have the nut base and fruits but soaked in condensed milk.

Modern Spanish Wedding Cakes

Today most of the Spanish cakes have adopted the shapes and size of the western cakes. They are white, tall, have piped frosting and also multiple layers. The modern Spanish cakes still have the nut based sculpture but the decoration has become more western. They are now being decorated with butter cream frosting, fondants, sugar paste and marzipan. Many wedding cake services and bakeries offer consultations to create personalized wedding cakes.

These are some of the most popular cakes for Spanish wedding and they’ll also give you some idea to approach a Spanish theme wedding. Whether you want your wedding to be flamboyant, exotic, playful or traditional these would fit into your wedding theme.

Tile Cake

The crisp execution and clean lines of tile cake makes it an elegant interpretation of Spanish wedding cake. The cake has a fondant covering with a rose made gum paste dusted with pearly white and gold.

Dancer’s cake

Dancer’s cake is perfect for the bride who wants a pastel wedding theme. Intimating the flamenco dancer’s skirt, this cake is perfectly feminine, romantic and passionate.

Ruby cake

Almost every bride thinks about red and black when planning the theme for Spanish wedding. Ruby cake will prove that white and red works equally well.

Embroided Cake

The embroided cake is textured as matador’s jacket giving it a dramatic look. It would make for a perfect groom’s cake. Candies surrounding the cake’s base highlight its complex beadwork.

Red Rose Cake

What would be more romantic than a rose cake? It uses the traditional Spanish color scheme of red, black and white in a novel fashion. The frosting looks like petals of red rose.

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